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Although I have been given the honour of representing the wonderful Sunshine Coast Hinterland again, the recent election sent me a pretty clear message – it’s not just a case of “doing” but also “listening”.  As such, whilst I go about continuing to deliver the outcomes you want, the community needs to know I am listening – my ears and eyes are open.
So I am pleased to announce the launch of my new #Powell4GlassHouse campaign.   You will see this slogan pop up on my Facebook page and on my website to show the things I am working on for the Glass House community.   You can even use it to communicate with me anything in your patch that needs my attention.
The Glass House electorate is made up of nearly 20 individual townships and I am always conscious of balancing the needs of each community, as what is important in one area may not be a priority for another.  Over the coming months I want to hear from you about what you want to see me fight for in your patch of Glass House.   Of course there are many things I am already aware of like the need to upgrade Maleny-Kenilworth Road and Steve Irwin Way, the future upgrade of the Maleny Pool, flashing school zone lights at Peachester, a pedestrian crossing in Woodford, speed reduction in Wamuran, funding for sporting groups in Palmwoods, pool upgrades in Conondale, a roundabout in Montville and an upgrade of King John Creek Bridge in Elimbah, just to name a few.   The list is certainly a work in progress so when you identify something you are passionate about let me know!
I have always had an open door approach to my role as the Member for Glass House but perhaps the strongest message out of the election results was that people wanted more.   I understand that you want to know exactly what I am delivering and what I am working towards to achieve the best results for our community.   So along with my new #Powell4GlassHouse campaign I’ll also be sharing where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing around our communities via my Facebook and website  –
I’m fired up about what we need to achieve to make Glass House an even better place to live, raise a family, work and, for those of you lucky enough, retire!   Thanks again for the privilege of representing you in the State Parliament. I look forward to seeing you around the traps and hearing from you about what matters to you.

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Keeping the community updated