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POWELL MEDIA RELEASE – Continued campaign delivers speed limit success

11 August 2010

The need to reduce the speed limit on the Steve Irwin Way either side of the Matilda Service Station at Glass House Mountains has been a major priority for many local Glass House residents.

After continued campaigning on behalf of the community, Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, is pleased to announce the speed limit will be changed, finally!

“I have had locals approach me at my mobile office and ringing the office demanding to know when this dangerous spot on the Steve Irwin Way would be investigated to ensure it was considered for a speed reduction.

“I am so pleased to announce that at a recent meeting of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council Speed Management Committee, the 80km/h speed limit has been extended to include Bowen Road,” Mr Powell stated.

“This is a long awaited and sensible outcome, one that will see fewer accidents at the Bowen Road intersection.

“I know some will consider it only half a win as they want to see the speed reduced up to and including the caravan park.  I will continue to discuss this option with Main Roads.

“But for those that have campaigned along side me, congratulations!  People power has won again.

“Locals will see this change in speed limit occur over the next six weeks,” Mr Powell concluded.

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Keeping the community updated