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POWELL MEDIA RELEASE – Riding the issue home

13 August 2010

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, has called for the Queensland Government to stand by its policy and actively develop dedicated cycling routes in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Andrew Powell has sponsored a petition raised by several local cyclists from the Glass House electorate in an effort to have more cycle paths constructed in the area.

“The Department of Main Roads policy states they would provide priority cycle routes as part of road upgrades throughout Queensland, this petition calls on the Government to stand by this policy and develop dedicated cycle routes through the Hinterland,” Mr Powell said.

According to local Maleny cyclist Marek Malter, who raised the petition, cycling routes are needed in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland as state controlled roads are the major links between our communities.

“Dedicated cycle routes would provide the community with environmentally friendly transport as well as offer people a way to appreciate the beauty of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland,” Mr Malter stated.

“In other states, cycling is becoming a major means of transport to and from work as well as for enjoyment and exercise.  Queensland needs to embrace a cycling future and facilitate safe and usable options for the ever increasing cycling population” said Mr Powell.

“My previous discussions with the Government have shown they consider the Sunshine Coast Hinterland as a low priority for the development of cycle routes under the Cycle Network Link Strategy.

“It is imperative that the voices of the local communities in Glass House be heard and not ignored,” Mr Powell concluded.

The petition can be found online at:

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Keeping the community updated