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Letter to the Editor – Glass House Country News (22 October 2010)

Dear Editor,

All I can say to Jeff Price of Beerwah – Letter to the Editor 20 October 2010 – is ‘Great questions – now let’s ask the Minister for Transport for the answers’. Mr Price rightly questions the government’s promise to deliver reduced travel times for commuters once the Caboolture-Beerburrum rail duplication was opened.  So far we have seen little or no change to travel times and now that the government has further delayed the continuation of the duplication through to Nambour until 2031, we are not likely to see reduced travel times any time soon.  I can assure Mr Price and other concerned residents that this is a big issue for me and I will contact the Minister for Transport again demanding answers.  Stay tuned for updates.

Andrew Powell MP

Member for Glass House

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Keeping the community updated