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POWELL MEDIA RELEASE – Government throws stick in the spokes of Hinterland cyclists (26 November 2010)

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell has expressed his displeasure at the Bligh Labor Government’s response to a recent petition he sponsored on behalf of several local cyclists from the Glass House electorate.

The petition called for the Queensland Government to stand by its policy and construct more cycle paths in the hinterland area.

“Unfortunately, the response received from the Minister for Main Roads failed to acknowledge the need for cycle way development.  Instead he simply stated that the Cycle Network Link Strategy has identified several roads in the area for future cycle way inclusion,” Mr Powell commented.

“The state controlled roads in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland are the links between our communities, without dedicated cycle ways, many of these links become inaccessible for cyclists,” said Marek Malter, the Maleny cyclist who raised the petition.

Mr Powell remains disappointed that the Queensland Government has once again ignored the voices and needs of local communities in Glass House.

“The minister chose not to acknowledge the low priority given to Hinterland projects in the Cycle Network Link Strategy.  The highest ranking project was placed at number forty, with most of the roads identified in the strategy finding a place at the bottom of the priority list, well over a hundred places down.

“This petition was tabled after it was made clear through many discussions with the government that the Sunshine Coast Hinterland was considered a low priority for the Cycle Network Link Strategy.  The Minister’s response does nothing but reaffirm the Government’s disregard for the Hinterland’s needs,” Mr Powell concluded.

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Keeping the community updated