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Flood Assistance


As we now embark on the clean up following the flood disaster I would encourage any small businesses who have been impacted by the floods to make application for financial assistance though the Government.  Visit website or call 13 25 23 and you will be able to access information kits and other resources that explain how to apply for assistance.  Help in the way of tax assistance, insurance and bank emergency relief packages is all available on this website.  I know some Glass House businesses have been hit hard by this crisis and I wish you all the very best as you begin to rebuild and plan for the future.

I understand through the Department of Sport and Recreation there may also be some funding available of up to $5,000 for sporting organisations who need to replace sport and recreation equipment, white goods and canteen items.  Grants of up to $20,000 might also be available to assist with capital works projects to repair sport and recreation infrastructure.  To find out more please call 1300 656 191.

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Keeping the community updated