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Update on Palmwoods-Montville Road

This week I had the opportunity to meet onsite with representatives from Main Roads to inspect repair works on the Palmwoods-Montville Road.  Locals will be aware that due to major landslides in March 2010 this road has been closed to traffic.  What some may not realise is that since the road closure last year there has been further damage to the structure of this road.  Heavy rains in December and January have made it even worse and have hindered the repair effort.  

I would like to reassure residents and locals from surrounding areas who normally use this road that there are multiple crews working to repair the extensive damage and identify long term solutions to reduce the chance of something of this magnitude occurring in the future.    Having said that, even without any further significant rain events, it will be more than six months before the 300 metre section that is severely damaged is repaired.  In the interim, please continue to use Hunchy Road and Razorback Roads as an alternative.  To assist local tourism operators I will contact the manufacturers of car navigation systems and ask that they update their program to reflect the closure of this road for at least another six months.

I would like to again thank the community for their continued patience and reiterate that the safety of motorists is the top priority and the precautions being taken with this road are for their benefit.  Please feel free to contact my office if you have any further concerns.

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Keeping the community updated