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Powell Media Release – Better deal for agriculture under LNP (25 July 2011)

Queensland agriculture would get a far better deal under the LNP, the party’s annual conference heard last weekend.

LNP Member Andrew Powell said LNP Leader Campbell Newman made it clear that when it came to the four pillars of the Queensland economy, none was more important than agriculture.

“Unlike Labor, that thinks agriculture is old world, as a Party, the LNP will always stand-up and fight for agriculture in this State – to fight for the people who provide food and fibre for a growing world,” Mr Powell said.

Mr Powell said under an LNP Government, agriculture would play a big and important part of Queensland’s economy.

“No matter where you go in Queensland, you meet people who are doing amazing things on the land.  But sadly, agriculture has been neglected, and is getting less and less support from the Bligh Labor Government.

“Gone is the Department of Primary Industries and the extension services it provided to help raise farm productivity.  Gone are the days when the State Government built beef roads, dams and irrigation schemes.

“There’s no reason why we can’t do these things again.

“The LNP will make sure agriculture once again has its own department.

“We will give this important industry a strong voice in Cabinet and ensure it is very clearly recognised as an important part of Queensland’s future.”

Mr Powell said Campbell Newman told the conference that an LNP government would give agriculture a strong voice in Cabinet and ensure it was “very clearly” recognised as an important part of Queensland’s future.

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Keeping the community updated