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Powell Media Release – LNP to deliver better deal for our National Parks (31 August 2011)

LNP Member for Glass House Andrew Powell, has welcomed the announcement that under an LNP government, National Parks will be better managed with easier access for visitors, delivering real conservation benefits.

The policy, announced by LNP Leader Campbell Newman yesterday, will preserve Queensland’s magnificent National Parks for future generations to enjoy.

“The LNP is committed to ensuring our Parks are better managed.  Our policy will deliver very real benefits for not only the environmental health of our National Parks but ensure the Parks are ‘good neighbours’ to adjoining property owners who, under Labor’s failed policies, have had to deal with feral animals and noxious weeds invading their properties,” Mr Powell said.

“Under our plan, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) will focus on delivering true conservation outcomes and improved access for local residents, domestic and international tourists.  The LNP will deliver a streamlined permit system to encourage new sustainable tourism opportunities and recreational enjoyment in our Parks.

“Labor has dropped the ball in managing our Parks with the Auditor-General finding just 17 per cent of protected areas have management plans. Over the past decade the ratio of rangers to National Park areas has tumbled and rangers are now responsible for maintaining over 150 square kilometres each.

“Unlike Labor, the LNP is committed to delivering green outcomes, not chasing green preferences. We will deliver a better deal for our National Parks, adjoining property owners and everyone who enjoys visiting Queensland’s wonderful National Parks.” Mr Powell said.

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Keeping the community updated