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Powell Media Release – Wilderness Society should respect local Cape York communities (4 November 2011)


 The LNP today said the Wilderness Society was wrong for attempting to deny Cape York Aborigines the right to determine their own economic future.

 Shadow Environment Minister Andrew Powell said he was disappointed the Wilderness Society’s Tim Seelig had tried to distort LNP Leader Campbell Newman’s pledge to protect the iconic natural areas of Cape York.

 “Nothing could be further from the truth,” Mr Powell said.

 “Unlike Labor, the LNP is committed to protecting the high-value natural areas of the Cape, but in balance, and importantly we will work with local communities.

 “Noel Pearson is dead right in his comments that the Wilderness Society and the Labor government were ‘the greenfellas putting their foot on our throats’.

 “The Bligh government doesn’t trust Cape York communities to look after their own land and doesn’t want to give them the opportunity to break out of the welfare spiral – it’s another example of Labor’s bullying antics and selling out Aboriginal aspirations for Green preferences.

 “The LNP is determined to protect Cape York and give local communities a real say.

 “To suggest the LNP is not interested in protecting Cape York is absolute nonsense. 

 “Any mining or other activity still must meet strict environmental standards and pass through a stringent Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process and would be assessed against a myriad of State and Federal legislation such as the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conversation (EPBC) Act.

 “Just this week Labor condemned the LNP for being opposed to mining the Scenic Rim.

 “The Bligh Labor government and the Wilderness Society are having two bob each way.

 “Only the CanDo team is serious about protecting the Cape and listening to the people of the Cape.

 “An LNP Government will work with Cape York residents to provide genuine and balanced environmental and development outcomes,” Mr Powell said.





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Keeping the community updated