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Powell and Emerson Joint Media Release – Labor putting revenue raising before Palmwoods commuter safety (14 November 2011)

The broke Bligh Labor Government was sacrificing public transport commuters’ safety for revenue raising, the State Opposition said today.

 Shadow Transport Minister Scott Emerson said reports today Queensland Rail staff were set to be removed from 16 train stations, including Palmwoods, was alarming.

 “The Bligh Labor government’s economic mismanagement has reached diabolical levels, so much so, they have been forced to remove staff from our train stations,” Mr Emerson said.

 Member for Glass House Andrew Powell demanded Bligh government Transport Minister Anastasia Palaszczuk guarantee that Palmwoods train station won’t have staff cut.

 “Passenger safety at Palmwoods train station is essential to increasing commuter patronage,” Mr Powell said.

 “Creating unease with train commuters will not drive up patronage, nor will untidy stations or dirty public toilets, because staff are not rostered on to clean them or sell tickets and assist passengers.

 “Our train line is the lifeline for local workers who rely on public transport to get to and from work.  Why is their safety being dismissed by Labor?

 “It’s no wonder local commuters want a change of government when they’re considered insignificant by the Bligh government.”

 Mr Emerson said Bligh government Transport Minister Anastasia Palaszczuk must explain why the Bligh government is punishing already-frustrated commuters yet again.

 “Under Labor our train fares keep going up – they’re set to jump15 per cent each year for the next three years, yet our train services aren’t improving.

 “Instead what we’re getting now is a public transport service where Palmwoods commuters will be made to feel unsafe.

 “An LNP government will work hard to improve our public transport system.

 “Only the CanDo team will invest in crucial infrastructure.”

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Keeping the community updated