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News from Parliament (November 2011)

Hard to believe but the last Parliamentary session for the year has come around already.  The most recent sitting week saw us debate several varied topics including the Education and Care Services National Law (Queensland) Bill.  The purpose of the Bill is to implement nation wide legislation for the Child Care industry in an attempt to make it more transparent across the states.  It will aim to introduce nation wide standards and provide for a new national quality assessment and public rating system.  There are good and bad elements to this Bill but perhaps the most concerning is the expected increase in fees for parents – at a time when families can least afford it with all of the cost of living rises.

I also used my Private Members’ Statement during this session to call on the Government to work better with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council in order to allow for the future development of the Palmwoods CBD.  Locals would be aware that there is a parcel of land owned by the Government that, in conjunction with the North Coast Rail duplication, could well be used to resolve some of the CBD issues that Palmwoods currently faces. To see the full transcript of my speeches visit the ‘Speech’ page here on my website.

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Keeping the community updated