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Powell Media Release – LNP forces Labor to scrap plan to leave Palmwoods station unstaffed (25 November 2011)

The State Opposition has forced the Bligh Labor Government to scrap a plan to leave 16 train stations unstaffed after the LNP raised concerns about the safety of public transport users.

 Shadow Transport Minister Scott Emerson said Queensland Rail last night ruled out stripping Palmwoods station of staff after the LNP warned of the impact on commuter safety.

 “This is a win for commuter safety but the fact that this failed Labor government was planning to strip the stations of staff, including at crime ‘hot spots’, shows just how out of touch the Bligh government has become,” Mr Emerson said.

 “Removing staff from these stations would have put commuters at risk with passenger safety essential to increasing rail user patronage.

 “Staff will now remain at Palmwoods station, but only because of LNP pressure.”

 LNP Member for Glass House Andrew Powell said residents deserved an explanation why their train station was singled out by Labor.

 “It’s no wonder local commuters want a change of government when their safety is considered unimportant by the Bligh government,” Mr Powell said.

 Mr Emerson said Labor has never had a real plan to encourage the use of public transport.

 In fact, under this Government public transport fares are doubling over five years.

 “The CanDo team recently announced an LNP government would reward loyal public transport users by reintroducing discounted weekly fares for go card users..

 “Regular commuters who have used their go card for nine journeys during a week would be rewarded with all additional trips free of charge. For regular commuters, this will mean a free trip home on Friday afternoon — and free trips all weekend.

 “An LNP government will work hard to improve our public transport system.

 “Only the CanDo team will invest in crucial infrastructure.”

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