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Update on Peachester Range Road (February 2012)

Update 8 February

Hooray!  Work has finally started – machines are in place and crews are ready to go.  Let’s hope we get some fine weather so TMR can keep to the Easter deadline.

Update 1 February 2012

A representative from TMR has advised they have started letterboxing and emailing Peachester residents to update them on progress with the road reconstruction.  I am advised that depending on the weather, TMR were hopeful of making a start this week.

Update 25 January

My last update as published in the Glasshouse Country News in December last year communicated the latest advice from TMR that works to reconstruct Range Road to two lanes would start in mid January 2012.  I have requested an update from TMR as to what the likely start date is for this work but I am still waiting on information.

Given the heavy rainfall we have just experienced in South East Queensland there is some chance the timeline could have been delayed.  I will await further advice and update the community via my website and the Glasshouse Country News as soon as we have some idea of timeframes.

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Keeping the community updated