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Powell Media Release – LNP boost teacher aides for our Prep kids (2 March 2012)

A CanDo LNP Government will revitalise front line education services by boosting Prep teacher aides across Queensland schools to ensure our children get the best start, LNP Member Andrew Powell, said today. 

“Under the tired, 20-year Labor government,Queenslandchildren are languishing at the bottom of the nation for literacy and numeracy.

“The LNP wants to turn that totally around.  By boosting early childhood education, we can start to lift numeracy and literacy standards at the time it really counts.

“Children in Glass House deserve more personalised attention from their teacher to grow their reading, writing and social skills. That is why the LNP will boost teacher aides for our Prep classes.

“Glass House will share in the 600 Prep classes that will have the equivalent of a full-time teacher aide in their classroom during all of their school hours as a result of this LNP initiative.

“Ideally, all Prep classes would have a teacher aide full-time, but it will take some time for the LNP to clean up Labor’s waste, mismanagement and scandals.  This significant boost will be an important step by a CanDo LNP Government to redress Labor’s neglect and give our children a better start.

“We’ll start with 150 Prep classes with the greatest need in the first year and continue with 150 more in each of the following three years.”

Mr Powell said the LNP would budget $54 million over four years for this commitment for our children’s future.

“Under Labor, around 3000 Prep students are in classes of more than 25 impacts on the level of care that teachers can provide.

“We need to get the basics right and we will,” Mr Powell said.

“But to improve our education standards we need to change the government.  We need to get rid of the failed management of the Labor government.

“It’s time for change.  It’s time to get Queensland back on track,” Mr Powell said.

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