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Powell Media Release – LNP pledges 1100 new front line police (5 March 2012)

THE LNP has pledged an extra $275 million to put 1100 extra new police on the front line to fight crime in Queensland.

LNP Member for Glass House Andrew Powell MP, said the LNP was strongly committed to making Queensland communities safer by delivering the 1100 extra new police where they were needed to fight crime – in our suburbs and on our city streets.

“Unlike Labor, the LNP understands that policing is complex and demanding and we will provide the real support and resources that our police need to do their jobs,” Mr Powell said.

“Labor has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars that could have been spent on revitalising frontline services including police resources.  The LNP will cut Labor’s waste and ensure local residents have the police resourcing on the ground they deserve.

Mr Powell said the LNP would recruit an extra 1100 new police over four years, at an additional cost of up to $275 million over four years.

“Three hundred will be delivered in a surge in the next year and an LNP Government will move up to 200 existing police (around 50 a year over four years) from behind office desks back to the front.

I will fight for the Glass House electorate’s fair share of police to redress Labor’s 20 years of appalling neglect and waste. 

“Our commitment of 1100 extra new front line police is a key plank in the LNP’s Safer Streets Crime Action Plan to restore Queensland Police as a force to keep our families safe,” Mr Powell said.

“This commitment for more front line police is part of our plan keep families and communities safe and revitalising front line services, which also will:

  • Smash organised crime by implementing strong unexplained wealth orders,
  • Major Crime Squad for the Gold Coast,
  • Crackdown on graffiti crime and its offenders,
  • An additional $2 million a year to Local Councils to help clean up graffiti
  • Boost community crime fighting with an additional $1 million a year to revitalise Neighbourhood Watch and Crime Stoppers, and
    • Increased penalties for murder.

“Only the LNP has a vision to change things inQueenslandfor the better by making our streets safer, cutting unemployment to 4 per cent, reducing payroll tax and slashing red tape. But there won’t be real action to increase police numbers without a change of government.

“It’s time for a change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track,” Mr Powell said.

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Keeping the community updated