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LNP to help clean up our own backyard (March 2012)

Local community and environmental groups in Glass House will receive funds to assist in cleaning up and conserving our local natural environment, LNP Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP said today.

Mr Powell said an elected LNP government will help local communities and groups with funding from $2,000 to $100,000 for projects to clean-up and protect the environment as part of its Everyone’s Environment Grants program. 

“The LNP wants to ensure local community environmental groups and larger organisations including Landcare and Keep Australia Beautiful can fund projects which deliver real local environmental benefits,” Mr Powell said.

“Cleaning up our environment needs to start in our own backyards but until now there has been little incentive for communities to achieve that. 

“The LNP will fund environmental initiatives including:

  • Tree-planting and restoring degraded land;
  • Community and waterway clean-ups;
  • Run-off reduction and water quality improvement;
  • Enhancing the natural beauty of local communities; and
  • Monitoring pollutants in streams

“The LNP wants to achieve real environmental benefits for our local community, unlike the current tired 20 year Labor Government that is more focused on green spin for potential preferences.

“I will help local environmental and community groups, such as Glasshouse Mountains Advancement Network (GMAN), apply for funding to clean up local areas which have been neglected by this Labor government. 

GMAN President, Mr Cliff Schnick has welcomed this new policy announcement.

“The Glasshouse Mountains Advancement Network (GMAN), as an apolitical environmentally focused community organisation, would welcome and support any initiatives that focus on improving our local environment,” Mr Schnick stated.

“We will help clean up our local backyards and also better manage our National Parks by addressing weed and pest problems to ensure all Queenslanders can continue to enjoy our natural environment,” Mr Powell said.

Mr Powell said the LNP is committed to providing real funding for real environmental outcomes but for this to happen there must be a change of government.

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Keeping the community updated