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Powell Media Release – LNP to tackle surge in speeding in school zones (10 March 2012)

Glass House parents should feel that their children are safe when going to and from school, especially within the school zone.

 LNP Member for Glass House Andrew Powell has five children of his own so he knows only too well the importance of protecting our kids safety especially when they are travelling to and from school.

 “The LNP has been clear in its commitment to improving the safety of children near schools by combating the surge in speeding through school zones,” Mr Powell stated.

 “Ultimately our main aim is to stop people speeding through school zones in the first place and to back this up the LNP will spend $10 million over four years to improve the visibility of speed limit signs in these areas.

 Mr Powell said motorists had to take responsibility for their own actions and flashing school zone lights would work as an active reminder to slow down.

 “The LNP will install flashing school zone signals outside at least 75 schools per year.

 “Those schools across Queensland where there is a significant crash history, a high level of car and pedestrian traffic, higher speed limits or visibility problems will be among the first to receive the electronic signs.

 “As part of my ongoing commitment to the Glass House electorate, I will be fighting for these flashing lights at both the Maleny State Schoola nd the Wamuran State School.

 “Its time to take action to protect Glass House students by a deliberate, planned program to install these warning signals.

 “It’s time for change.  It’s time to getQueenslandback on track,” Mr Powell said.


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Keeping the community updated