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Election Day – Saturday 24 March

To the people of Glass House,

During my three years as the Member for Glass House I have met and made friends with such a vast array of people that proudly call the Glass House electorate home.  It gives me no greater pleasure than to serve you all in the Queensland Parliament and I am confident that I have campaigned for the best interests of our community and worked hard to get good results for our great electorate. 

Many of you would be aware that Glass House is such a diverse and sizeable (for SEQ at least) electorate and what is important to residents in the north is different to the south.  I have campaigned for better roads throughout the whole electorate from the D’Aguilar Highway to the Steve Irwin Way to Maleny-Kenilworth Road and the Palmwoods-Montville Road.  I’ve championed for better rail services, including more practical timetables, fare structures and facilities both on and off the train. 

I have worked to assist the needs of many community groups and volunteer organisations and have continued to hold my annual Glass House Volunteer Award ceremony to acknowledge their efforts and dedication.  When Election Day dawns I can only trust that the culmination of this work will be what people hold front of mind when they make their decision.  The choice facing Queensland is clear – a fresh new LNP team dedicated to getting Queensland back on track or a tired 20 year Labor Government who lied on the fuel tax and deceived voters on selling state assets. 

It’s time for a change.  It’s time to get Queensland back on track.

Kind regards

Member for Glass House


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Keeping the community updated