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Glass House Volunteer Awards (May 2012)

Today I  proudly hosted the third annual Glass House Volunteer Awards that have been designed to recognise the hard work of volunteers in the Glass House electorate.

Volunteers truly are the lifeblood of any community – they are the ones that keep things ticking over and in some cases they are just not thanked enough for the vital role they play.

The Glass House Volunteer Awards are an annual event held to coincide with National Volunteers Week.  I invite community groups, schools, churches and sporting groups from across the electorate to submit a nomination for one of their outstanding volunteers.  All nominees are presented with a certificate of thanks and appreciation.

As the nominations started rolling in I was thrilled to see so many community groups taking the opportunity to recognise one of their hardworking volunteers.

What is really special about this annual ceremony is the smile we get to see on the faces of those who are recognised.  Seeing how proud they are to be acknowledged in this small way is one of the most rewarding parts of being a local member. 

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Keeping the community updated