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Powell Media Release – LNP announces Everyone’s Environment grants (5 June 2012)

The Honourable Campbell Newman

Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection
The Honourable Andrew Powell

LNP announces Everyone’s Environment grants

The LNP Government has delivered on its election promise by announcing details of its $12 million Everyone’s Environment grants program, coinciding with World Environment Day today.

 Premier Campbell Newman and Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection Andrew Powell revealed details of the program at the Newmarket State School, dropping in on a Year Six class exploring sustainable energy.

 The Premier said the Everyone’s Environment program will support community groups who want to take action to improve their local environment.

 “This grants program is about investing in practical local initiatives that protect our environment for all Queenslanders to enjoy into the future,” Mr Newman said.

“We understand that the environment is an integral part of our lifestyle and economy. With a growing population the challenge is to protect it now and safeguard it for future generations to enjoy.”

 Mr Newman said through this program, the Government would work with local community and environment groups as well as larger environmental organisations, to enhance the sustainability and liveability of our State.

 Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection Andrew Powell said the three-year Everyone’s Environment program will provide grants ranging between $2,000 and $100,000 for a wide range of local environmental initiatives including:

 • Tree-planting and land restoration;

• Community and waterway clean-ups;

• Run-off reduction and water quality improvement;

• Enhancement of the natural beauty of local communities; and

• Monitoring pollutants in streams

 “We know that a lot of responsibility for environmental protection lies with the State Government and we take that very seriously, but we also want to encourage the community to look after their local environment,” Mr Powell said.

 “Everyone’s Environment will reflect local and regional priorities and we’re actively encouraging partnerships with local schools,” Mr Powell said.

 “This grants program is about local communities making a real, direct contribution, starting in their own neighbourhoods to tackle environmental degradation in Queensland.”

 Everyone’s Environment grants are available from July 1, 2012. For more information visit

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