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News from Parliament (June 2012)

The first two official sitting weeks of Parliament saw the introduction of new legislation including the Environmental Protection (Greentape Reduction) and other Legislation Amendment Bill which I was honoured to introduce to the House.  World Environment Day was also celebrated during the first week of June with the announcement of the LNP’s Everyone’s Environment grants.  These grants are designed to support community groups who want to take action to improve their local environment.  This program covers a wide range of environment initiatives including tree planting, land restoration and community and waterway clean-ups.  The grants are available from 1 July and more information can be found online at

For anyone wanting to see transcripts from Parliament or if you would like to read speeches made by Members of Parliament, including the Maiden Speeches made by our newest members, I encourage you to visit  You can also stream live coverage of Parliament when we are in session from this website.

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Keeping the community updated