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Powell Media Release – Newman Government delivers on 100 day plan (3 July 2012)

The Newman Government has ticked off on all its election commitments outlined in the LNP 100 day Action Plan.

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP said the 100 Day Action Plan was a transparent approach to show Queenslanders exactly how the LNP would turn the State around from 20 years of Labor’s neglect.

“Today marks 100 days since the LNP was elected by Queenslanders with the mandate to get Queensland back on track and that’s exactly what we are doing,” Mr Powell said.

“We promised Queensland we would be a Government that acted on its commitments to get things done. This is a major milestone for the Newman Government and the families of Queensland.

“We’ve accomplished some major promises and reforms within the first 100 days that will make this State a better place for all Queenslanders, including one of the first bills introduced to Parliament to lower the cost of living.

“To start with, families right here in Glass House will save up to $7000 when they buy a family home after our Government demolished Labor’s extra stamp duty slug.”

Some of the other pledges met in the first 100 days include:

  • regulating a freeze on family car registration
  • appointing the Bruce Highway Crisis Management Group
  • establishing DestinationQ as part of Queensland’s tourism strategy
  • starting to move around 50 police from behind office desks to front line policing
  • starting the process of reducing real estate red tape

“We have no plans to slow down. Queenslanders expect us to deliver and are holding us to account,” Mr Powell said.

“As part of the 100 Day Action Plan, we have introduced our bill to reduce green tape and streamline environmental approvals, we have repealed the waste levy to help businesses and we are reviewing all climate change programs being delivered by the Queensland government to ensure Queenslanders aren’t paying twice.

“We’ll be doing much more to cut the waste left behind as Labor’s legacy and to strengthen our four-pillar economy and ease the cost of living for Queenslanders,” Mr Powell concluded.

Details of the Newman Government policies can be found on the LNP website at

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Keeping the community updated