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Government Media Release – Tackling Toilet Troubles (21 January 2013)

 New measures being introduced today will see improvements to toilet facilities for passengers on the Sunshine Coast train line.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said it is reasonable for passengers to expect the most basic amenities on our train network, particularly on longer services.

“Having travelled on the Sunshine Coast line many times before I understand how frustrating and inconvenient it can be when toilets are not available,” Mr Emerson said.

“From today, trains with toilet facilities will be prioritised to the Sunshine Coast line with particular focus on those busy morning and afternoon peak services.

“Trains travelling to and from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast will be inspected daily to determine if repairs are needed.

“Queensland Rail will then ensure any maintenance required is done overnight so passengers on the first Sunshine Coast service of the day will no longer have to put up with faulty toilets.

“I have also directed Queensland Rail to investigate the option of bringing mobile equipment to Nambour and Gympie as currently there is no maintenance depot at these stations.

“This would fast-track any maintenance needed and immediately increase the availability of facilities.”

Mr Emerson said while the Sunshine Coast line does have other issues including limited infrastructure capacity these measures are at least a good starting point.

“While we cannot yet afford to duplicate the line due to Labor’s debt, we can at least ensure services such as toilet facilities are meeting the expectations of Sunshine Coast passengers.”

[ENDS] 21 January 2013

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Keeping the community updated