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North Coast Rail Duplication is still on Andrew’s priority list (January 2013)

The Sunshine Coast Daily recently extended an invitation to Sunshine Coast MPs to join them on a train commute.  I was delighted to take up their offer as many of you know I have long campaigned for funds to complete the North Coast Rail Duplication. I even held my own MP  Train Day with Minister Scott Emerson in mid-2011 where we got to hear first-hand from our regular commuters.

I was well acquainted with this commute in my former career with the Government so this trip provided me with an opportunity to hear updated accounts from travellers on their experience using this service and changes they might like to see implemented down the track.

As the Member for Glass House, an electorate that has 5 of the 7 coast rail stations within its boundaries, I am passionate about the need to provide Sunshine Coast commuters with a more efficient rail service by way of the North Coast Rail Duplication project.  I have had regular discussions with Minister Emerson regarding this matter.

As a Minister in the Newman Government, I am equally committed to delivering projects on time and within a budget,  something Labor failed to do time and time again.  Labor committed to delivering the project in 2031 with no actual dollar commitment.

I have promised to do everything I can to deliver this project ahead of that time.  The first thing we need to do is improve the state’s financial position and pay off Labor’s debt.  I stand by my commitment, and I will continue to work with my cabinet colleagues to do that.


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Keeping the community updated