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Powell Media Release – Grants help the Sunshine Coast’s koalas (19 March 2013)

The Newman Government today announced funding of almost $190,000 for two Sunshine Coast organisations involved in koala rescue and rehabilitation.

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP said that Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide Pty Ltd and Sunshine Coast Koala Wildlife Rescue had been awarded funding in this year’s Koala Rescue and Rehabilitation Grants.

“Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide Pty Ltd will receive funding of $182,020 to establish a eucalypt plantation and purchase rescue equipment.

“The funding will be used to equip trained members of their rescue unit with the necessary koala rescue equipment and train rescuers in tree climbing.

“This will be complemented by establishing a eucalypt plantation on ten hectares, ensuring a long-term, reliable souse of fodder for koalas being rehabilitated.

The funding for the Wildlife Warriors will be spread over four years and as such Australia Zoo will not be eligible for any future rounds of funding under this program.

“Sunshine Coast Koala Wildlife Rescue will receive funding of $7500 to equip tree climber rescuers with equipment and other rescue gear and to equip new volunteers with rescue gear.

“This funding will greatly enhance the groups’ ability to rescue koala now and into the future,” Mr Powell said.

Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection Andrew Powell said it was no secret that koalas were under significant pressure, and while habitat loss was one contributing factor, the issues could not be looked at in isolation.

“By providing this funding for koala rescue and rehabilitation the Queensland Government is taking action to address other issues that affect koala numbers such as attacks from domestic animals and vehicle strike.

“The Koala Rescue and Rehabilitation Grants will expand the scope of koala conservation programs beyond habitat protection and enhancement.”

Mr Powell said the Koala Rescue and Rehabilitation Grants were part of the Queensland Government’s $26.5 million Investing to protect our Koalas initiative and there would be three more rounds rolled out over the next three years. 

ENDS – 19 March 2013


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Keeping the community updated