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Powell Media Release – Maleny Pool celebrates past while looking to future (28 March 2013)

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP and Sunshine Coast Councillor Jenny McKay have announced the results of a study into the upgrade of the Maleny Centenary Pool as it gears up to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Cr McKay said that they wished to congratulate the Maleny Swimming Club for supporting the Maleny Centenary Pool since its opening in 1983.

“The pool has been a valuable community asset for 30 years now largely due to its dedicated staff and volunteers and their partnership with the Department of Education,” Cr McKay said.

“I am excited to now work with Mr Powell and the community to seek an upgrade to the existing facilities so that the pool can better cater for the growing Maleny community.”

Cr McKay said that she commissioned the study last year and is pleased to see that it has concluded two possible development solutions.

“I want to thank the State Government for their support in the matter and am pleased to see that it recognises the importance of the pool to the Maleny community,” she said.

The first development proposed would see a cover installed over the existing pool, but Mr Powell argues that this would not address the key issue.

“The key issue with the current pool is that it is too small to meet the demand from school students and community members,” Mr Powell said.

“The second option presented in the study proposes that the pool be relocated to a larger site in the school grounds so it can be extended to a length of 25m.

“The new pool would also be covered meaning that it would accessible in all weather.

“This would be an ideal solution and I am keen to work with Cr McKay, the State Government and the community to make this happen,” he said.

Mr Powell said that he has discussed the results of the study with the Maleny State School Principal John Byrne and the Regional Director of Education and has received their support in looking at a potential relocation of the pool within the school grounds.

“It is important that the pool remains on school grounds because it makes swimming and water safety lessons easily accessible to all students.

The pool is currently located in a site adjacent to the main road and Mr Powell said that this would present an exciting opportunity to rethink the use of it.

“We would like to see that site become a pick up and drop off zone for students that will help to ease congestion in those peak traffic periods.

Mr Powell said that he has already made the first steps to form a local working group that would be responsible for the making the new pool a reality.

“I have written to the Ministers for the Department of Education, the Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sports and Racing to request a local representative from each to join the development committee.

“I have also invited Cr McKay, Mr Byrne and a representative of the Maleny Swimming Club to join to ensure that the development receives input from all key stakeholders.

“I look forward to working with each of these parties ensure that we achieve the best outcome possible for the Maleny Centenary Pool and the wider community.”

 [ENDS] 28 March 2013

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Keeping the community updated