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Update on the Queensland Plan (Glass House)

I am excited to announce that I have selected the three Glass House candidates who will join me in Mackay for the first Queensland Plan Summit on Friday 10 May.  The three candidates represent an excellent cross-section of the Glass House community and I have every confidence they will do their best for the electorate.  The three candidates are – Maleny High School Year 12 student Ruby Scott, Glasshouse Mountains business woman Ursula Starkovsky and Wamuran community volunteer Howard Walters. The Queensland Plan is a 30 year vision for our state that will be developed over the course of 2013 through a collaborative process involving community members, business and industry representatives, state and local government officers and Members of Parliament.  The Mackay Summit is the first step in this collaborative process and will help set the path for the remaining focus of the Plan.  Remaining steps will involve further community engagement in which we will be asking your opinions and answers to various questions.

Today I hosted the first meeting of people in Glass House who have expressed interest in being involved with the Queensland Plan at my office in Maleny.  The meeting provided an excellent opportunity for me to update the group on how the Plan will work and what kinds of community engagement will be required following the first Summit.  All are very keen to continue on this journey and we will update the wider community every step of the way.


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Keeping the community updated