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Powell Media Release – Burgalba Lagoon officially named (10 May 2013)

 A previously unnamed lagoon within the Moreton Bay Regional Council area has been officially named Burgalba Lagoon after the proposal received the support of the local community. 

Member for Glass House Andrew Powell said the name Burgalba Lagoon has been used by the local community for many years and is already shown on some maps, despite the lagoon not previously holding a formal title.

“Burgalba is an Indigenous word used by the Jinibara People meaning “box tree”, with numerous mentions to the Burgalba Lagoon made in the 1983 book Aboriginal Pathways by J.G. Steele,” Mr Powell said.

“In the book, the Burgalba Lagoon is described as being an important cultural centre for the Dallambara, who were a clan of the Jinibara People.

“It was a place of testing youths who aspired to become doctors and was also a rain making site, where the Dallambara doctors practised their craft.

“The Dallambara believed the lagoon was the home of a rainbow serpent known as Gairwar and was the source of black stones, called mingom, used in their magic.

“The lagoon is located about 200 metres east of the corner of Commissioners Flat Road and Cove Road in the locality of Commissioners Flat.

“It permanently holds water and is more than 400 metres in length.

“Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Peachester History Committee supported the proposal during public consultation earlier this year.

“No objections were raised during the consultation period.”

Queensland place name plan QPN1206 shows the location of the place affected by the decision and can be viewed online at and at the Department of Natural Resources and Mines business centre located at Level 4, 33 King Street, Caboolture.   

Enquiries about the decision can be directed to Mr Neal Fitzpatrick (Spatial Information Officer) on (07) 3884 5335 or email

 [ENDS] 10 May 2013

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Keeping the community updated