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Queensland Plan Mackay Summit

Queenslanders from all walks of life came together in Mackay last Friday to begin the process of formulating the Queensland Plan, a 30 year vision for our State.

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, was delighted to be involved in the day long process and was proud of the contribution made by the three Glass House candidates.

“We hit the ground running with participants being treated to a range of views and predictions from various experts on what our state might look like 30 years from now.

“The presentation on ‘Megatrends’ really got people thinking about the overall vision for our state which helped to put many participants on the same page.”

One of Mr Powell’s Candidates, Maleny High School Student Ruby Scott, was thrilled to be involved in the Summit and says she can’t wait to get out in her community and start asking the questions.

“It was exciting to see so many youth representatives share their perspective and provide their input.  There were plenty of innovative and motivational people with great questions,” Miss Scott said.

Mr Powell was pleased with the outcomes of the Summit and is confident the questions will be well received by all Queenslanders.

“The next phase is community engagement and I urge all members of the Glass House community to get involved and let us know their thoughts.

“I know my team in particular is keen to move into this next stage,” Mr Powell said.

The six questions Queenslanders are asked to answer are:

  • In the context of living in the community, how do we move our focus from me to we?
  • How do we create and foster an education culture that teaches skills and values to meet global challenges and optimise regional strengths?
  • How do we empower and educate individuals, communities and institutions to embrace responsibility for an active and healthy lifestyle?
  • How do we structure our economy to ensure our children inherit a resilient future?
  • How do we strengthen our economic future and achieve sustainable landscapes?
  • How do we attract and retain the brightest minds and ideas where they are most needed and capitalise on global opportunities?

To provide your answers or to find out more about how you can get involved in The Queensland Plan, visit

[ENDS] 14 May 2013





Below is the Glass House working group at the first planning meeting held at my office at the end of April.


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Keeping the community updated