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Changes to Liquor and Gaming Legislation (May 2013)

As part of our commitment to reducing red tape in Queensland, the Newman Government recently passed new laws to assist non-profit community groups wanting to hold a fundraising event for their community.  From 1 July 2013, if you wish to sell alcohol at your event you may no longer have to apply for a community liquor permit.

Our new laws provide an exemption to those organisations if:

  • funds raised are being used to benefit the community; and
  • it is a one-off event starting and finishing on the same day; and
  • liquor is sold for up to 8 hours on one day (between 7am and midnight); and
  • the sale of alcohol is secondary to the event.

To check if you are eligible for an exemption, I would encourage you to visit the following website – or call my office and a fact sheet can be sent to you.

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Keeping the community updated