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Powell Media Release – Tariff review to assist local households (17 July 2013)

Cheaper electricity prices are likely for the Glass House electorate after a Tariff Reform Working Group was established to examine all tariffs including the major domestic Tariffs 11, 31 and 33, Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP announced.

Mr Powell said the electricity industry had changed so much since these network tariffs were envisaged and the newly established group will focus on whether current electricity usage patterns even suit the existing tariff structure.

The working group comprises expertise from Energex, Ergon, the Queensland Competition Authority, Queensland Treasury and the Department of Energy and Water Supply, and will provide strategic advice and direction on future electricity tariff structures as part of the Newman Government’s commitment to electricity sector reforms.

Mr Powell said a review means looking at the nuts and bolts of these network tariffs to see how this can better reflect the electricity use of customers.

“This is a chance for families to see progress as a result of the Newman Government’s electricity reform package,” he said.

Energy Minister Mark McArdle said over the last thirty years, the peak demand period had increased by more than 200 per cent, and whereas people used to use a lot of electricity to heat their homes, they’re now using more to run air conditioning.

“We have also seen a 150 per cent increase in electrical appliance consumption,” Mr McArdle said.

“It makes sense now to take a fresh look at the way tariffs are structured so they better reflect consumers’ needs.”

The views of Queensland’s electricity retailers will also be an important input into the process and the working group will welcome input from Ergon Energy which is currently talking to Queensland consumers about its tariff review.

The working group was established immediately after the announcement of the reforms and is expected to have its first formal meeting later this month.

Mr McArdle said he anticipated the implementation of these tariff reforms to commence 1 July 2015 depending upon the work involved in the process and any complications that may arise.

[ENDS] 17 July 2013

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