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ClewesNewsI hit the pavements in many business districts throughout the Glass House electorate during this year’s Queensland Small Business Week in an effort to spread the word about how crucial it is that we support our local family businesses. Some of you in Maleny may have even had the pleasure of being served by me at the Maleny IGA on Buy Local Saturday. No-one complained that I over charged them so hopefully that means I did a good job and owner Rob Outridge will have me back again next year. See my Facebook site for photos and a video and check my website to read the speech I made in Parliament following Small Business Week.

As I spent time talking with the community in my travels around local businesses I became aware that many people just don’t realise how vital it is that we support our local corner store, butcher or newsagent so they can continue to provide goods for our convenience. But it goes beyond that, many local businesses are the ones sponsoring our sporting teams and young sporting individuals, providing goods free of charge to volunteer groups or helping to raise money for many community run organisations. Small Business week is a great way to promote these businesses but it should also serve to encourage and remind us to use them long into the future as well. Each of the businesses I visited in Woodford, Wamuran, Maleny and Glasshouse Mountains all said how grateful they are for the support from locals – they simply wouldn’t be here without you so next time you are out shopping remember to Buy Local!

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Keeping the community updated