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Powell Media Release – Reduced rates for tour groups in national parks (7 November 2014)

School trips to National Parks are now a whole lot cheaper for Glass House families, with the Newman Government reducing fees for tour groups.
Reduced fees now apply to educational groups entering Queensland’s national parks, protected areas, recreation areas and State forests.

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP said the changes took place this month after regulations were amended.

“The daily site fee for these groups, which used to range from $1.80 to $3.25 per person have been completely removed, which is a great outcome for groups like school kids.” Mr Powell said.

“We’ve also reduced the per-person camping fee for these groups by $2.55 to just $3.20 per person per night.”
Adventure Alternatives Managing Director Todd Samorowski said the savings would add up to a significant amount.
“The reductions may not seem much on their own, but if you consider we can take hundreds of primary and secondary school students into national parks in a year, the saving is considerable.
“We appreciate the efforts being made to open up our national parks, encouraging people to visit and enjoy them, and making it easier for tour operators like us to access them,” Mr Samorowski said.

National Parks Minister Steve Dickson said the Queensland Government was committed to opening up Queensland’s national parks and other protected areas for people to enjoy, value and appreciate.

“We’re investing more and more in facilities and infrastructure to protect the natural environment and we’re encouraging people to visit these pristine natural areas,” Mr Dickson said.

People wanting to apply for a commercial activity permit to take an approved educational group into a national park or other protected area can visit

[ENDS] 7 November 2014


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Keeping the community updated