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Out and About on the campaign trail – week 2

One of the best things about an election campaign is getting to enjoy lots of quality time with people in our community – from morning teas to mobile offices to roadside blitzes, I am thankful for everyone that has caught up with me so far to show their support for my re-election campaign.

This week the campaign team have booked several days at the Maleny Kiosk where they have been handing valuable information out to members of the public.  They will also be set up next Thursday and Friday so pop by if you need a new shopping list or want to ask any questions.  While I was there yesterday I got to chat to Maleny local Joan Benson who keeps me on my toes with her sharp wit – even at over 85 years of age.






Mid week I stopped in to visit the lads at the Glasshouse Country Menshed to have a cuppa and morning tea.  The team are looking forward to spending their nearly $20,000 from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund on making some improvements to their existing shed.  I am a big supporter of the Menshed concept as I think they add massive value to the life of many men in our community who are seeking friendship and something to occupy their time.  Well done gents.


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Keeping the community updated