Keeping the community updated

Did you see the Glasshouse Country & Maleny News this week?

This week I was proud to appear in the Glasshouse Country and Maleny News to share with the community my personal contribution to the Glasshouse Mountains Sportsclub’s campaign to keep their doors open – check out page 5.  I am pictured below with co-Patron Ken Fullerton who has done an enormous amount of work on this campaign – thanks to Glasshouse Country News for providing this photo for my use.

Andrew and Ken Fullerton

Anyone wishing to donate to the Club please email

I’d like to also acknowledge Lea and Greg from Glasshouse Country News who have dedicated a large amount of their time and finances to backing this campaign.  They are such a force in our community and their unwavering support for the Glasshouse region, and wider Hinterland community, is truly amazing.



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Keeping the community updated