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Powell Media Release – Member’s Report a Roadside campaign very successful (20 May 2015)

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, launched his ‘Report a Roadside’ campaign in March 2015 and so far the local MP is pleased with the results.

“This campaign was all about identifying overgrown vegetation and other roadside issues and calling on the local TMR contractors to pick up their game and get back to work.

“For many months we had seen vegetation build up and build up until we had safety and visibility issues making it impossible for some Glass House constituents to even exit their driveway without fear of an accident occurring, “he said.

Mr Powell had asked the local community to alert him to any roadside issues they had witnessed in their area of Glass House and he in turn reported this to TMR, asking that urgent attention be given to addressing the situation.

“I’m pleased to say we have now been contacted by many residents with feedback that TMR have attended to their concerns, which is great news.  I personally would like to thank TMR for taking such quick action on most on the enquiries I have sent them in the past two months.

Following on from Mr Powell’s ‘Report a Roadside’ campaign, TMR has now established a dedicated page on their website where the community can access information on their maintenance schedule.

This page contains a mowing schedule so that people can see exactly when contractors are due to attend to any given area.  The website address is –

“My thanks are also extended to the Glass House community who certainly got behind this campaign – without your input I’m sure we would not have seen this kind of result,” Mr Powell concluded.

[ENDS] 20 May 2015
Maleny-Stanley River Road veg clearing

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Keeping the community updated