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4 Year Fixed Terms in Queensland

Our proposal –

In February 2015, to ensure Queenslanders are served with a more accountable Parliament, we announced that an LNP Government would conduct a referendum on fixed four year parliamentary terms during the current parliamentary term.

Our proposal ensures that Queenslanders would have a direct say in how their governments are elected and the manner in which elections are called.

Depending on the result of that referendum, we have prepared an exposure draft bill so that Queenslanders can be confident about the legislation they would be voting for, prior to a vote, and have begum consulting on that draft legislation.  We believe that it is time for a mature discussion on this issue.

The flyer attached has more detail on the historical context of parliamentary terms in Australia which you can print and read and also send back to the office of the Leader of the Opposition.

I do hope you will take the time to share your views on this topic – click here to be taken to an automatic survey –

Or, you can click here to print the flyer and mail your responses in-4 year terms_Glass House



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Keeping the community updated