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Powell Media Release – 4 year parliamentary terms just makes good sense (9 October 2015)

The debate around introducing fixed four year terms in the Queensland Parliament has surfaced again and the community is being encouraged to have their say.

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell says Queenslanders can expect better government services, business confidence and job creation if we move to adopt fixed four year terms of Government.

“The LNP want to provide Queenslanders with a more accountable government which is why we are advocating for fixed terms.

“At the moment the Premier of the day can call a general election whenever he or she chooses, subject to the agreement of the Governor.  We believe this uncertainty undermines business confidence and restricts the economic planning both the public and private sectors can achieve in that short amount of time,” he said.

The Finance and Administration Committee are holding public forums across Queensland during October and have information on the Queensland Parliament website on how people can make a submission to the committee before 20 October 2015.

“I have been encouraging Glass House residents to have their say via a quick survey on my website and the response has been great.

“There is still time to submit your views so make you visit my website before Tuesday 20 October and complete my quick survey.

“This is all about wanting Queenslanders to have a direct say in how their governments are elected and the manner in which elections are called.


[ENDS] 9 October 2015

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Keeping the community updated