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Powell Media Release – Queensland voters tell the Government “My Voice Matters” (28 April 2016)

Andrew Powell MP
Member for Glass House

28 April 2016

Queensland voters to tell the Government “My Voice Matters”

A campaign to prevent the Palaszczuk Government from rigging the next state election has been launched, after a recent poll revealed the vast majority of Queenslanders oppose Labor’s decision to reintroduce compulsory preferential voting.

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell, has supported his colleagues, Deputy Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek and Shadow Attorney-General Ian Walker when earlier today they launched a petition to stop the sneaky changes to Queensland’s voting system and give Queenslanders’ their choice back at the ballot box.

Mr Powell said for more than 20 years, Queenslanders had the right to choose how they voted, but now the Palaszczuk Labor Government had stripped that right away.

“In the middle of the night, Annastacia Palaszczuk and her Labor Government made a back room deal to unwind our democracy and turned their back on 25 years of a reform that was borne out of the corruption busting Fitzgerald Inquiry,” he said.

“Now Queenslanders will be forced to vote for candidates and parties they may not want to vote for, and if they don’t, their vote won’t be counted at all.

“It should be our choice how we want to vote and how we allocate our preferences, if at all.

“Queenslanders weren’t told about Annastacia Palaszczuk’s sneaky plan, the Premier broke our trust, and now it’s time for us to have a say.”

Mr Powell also said because the Palaszczuk Labor Government didn’t consult and the legislation was rammed through the Parliament in the dark of night, Queenslanders never got a chance to have their voices heard.

“This petition gives Queenslanders their voice back,” he said.

“We need to tell Annastacia Palaszczuk and her Labor Government to honour their election commitments, scrap their sneaky plan and bring back choice at the ballot box.

“Every Queenslander deserves to be heard and now they can tell the Premier that ‘My Voice Matters’.”

Sign the petition and tell Premier Palaszczuk ‘My Voice Matters’ at:

[ENDS] 28 April 2016

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