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Powell Media Release – If safety is a priority..where are the Flashing Lights for Peachester? (25 May 2016)

Andrew Powell MP
Member for Glass House
25 May 2016
If safety is a priority..where are the Flashing Lights for Peachester?

On the back of an announcement on 23 May that 100 additional schools are set to receive flashing school zone signs across Queensland, the Peachester community are asking why they weren’t included.

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, has been campaigning on behalf of Peachester residents who desperately want to see flashing school zone lights installed at their school.

“The Peachester State School is located on a busy tourist and truck traffic route and members of the school community have repeatedly asked for flashing lights to remind drivers a school zone is approaching.

“To say I am disappointed that 100 schools in Queensland will have the lights installed but Peachester has missed out is an understatement.”

Mr Powell, with the support of the Peachester P & C sponsored a petition in August 2015 calling on the Government to make Peachester a priority and ensure they were on the list for the next round of light installation.

“Yet again we have been let down by this Government and even when I sponsored a petition in 2015 and gathered just over 600 signatures, they have still knocked us back.

“In a town like Peachester, six hundred signatures is a lot and really does demonstrate how important these lights are to the community.  They want the assurance that their kids will be safe, and really, who can blame them.

“I made a very clear commitment to the Peachester community that I will continue to fight for these flashing lights and I will continue to advocate on their behalf until we see them installed.”

Ends – 25 May 2016


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Keeping the community updated