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10 year anniversary of the Glasshouse Mountains Heritage Listing

Earlier this week we celebrated ten years since the Glass House Mountains were entered on the National Heritage register.  During the ceremony we had the opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of Beth Hodge and Ivon Northage – two fantastic locals who were and are integral in their nomination for listing and their management since.  It was Beth who originally wrote the nomination for heritage listing and you won’t find a more knowledgeable local expert on the Mountains than Ivon.

I’ve always grown up viewing the Glass House Mountains as a unique blend of pasts and presents – of our rich Indigenous culture, European exploration and settlement, population growth and agricultural production alongside ancient landscapes and our precious environment.

Mr Northage is keen that we better manage and promote the Mountains so locals and tourists alike can enjoy them.  So it was fantastic that all three levels of government were present today and gave commitments to work with Ivon to achieve that.



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Keeping the community updated