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Woodford safety changes on their way!

I have been campaigning to secure Transport and Main Roads (TMR) funding for a crossing in Woodford for many years and recent advice suggest I have been successful.  TMR advise that a signalised crossing will soon be installed across the D’Aguilar Highway.

Approval on these much need safety improvements has come at such a great time for the community.  It is growing and changing and this will allow residents a safe way of getting from one side of town to the other.

I recently met with Mrs Diana Davidson – a resident of Margaret Street – and she showed me firsthand the challenges that she has safely crossing the Highway to get to her Doctor and the shops.

Diana is just one of many people who has expressed joy at the news she will finally have a safe way to get across town and has thanked TMR for taking her concerns seriously.

TMR anticipates community consultation on the preliminary design for the crossing to commence in late 2016, with construction to follow in the next financial year (2017 – 2018).  Initial proposals are for a signalised crossing on the Highway and marked pedestrian crossings on Archer Street to either side.  Where the crossing should be located is a key part of the community consultation.

I realise these changes will pose some challenges to motorists and truck operators in the short term, but I am confident as a community we will all see the benefits these safety improvements will deliver.


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Keeping the community updated