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Maleny Pedestrian Crossings – improvements to come…

Maleny locals have asked me many times over the years what can we do to improve safety around the two pedestrian crossings in town.  I have passed on numerous suggestions and solutions from constituents over that time to the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) hoping we could get some improvements.  I am pleased to announce that TMR have conducted another round of safety assessments on the two crossings in Maple Street and they believe that some improvements could be made to further enhance motorists’ awareness of the pedestrian crossings.

Whilst the first crossing (near the IGA) has already been updated with the new colour standard – which is fluorescent with a reflective yellow/green background – the second crossing (near the chemist) has not been updated and the Department has committed to having this rectified.  They have also undertaken to install double-sided pedestrian crossing signs on the concrete centre islands facing both directions at each crossing.  They believe that these additional signs will make the approaching crossings more visible to motorists.  The new signage will be installed by the end of December 2016 and I’m sure will be welcomed by the many residents who have raised this concern with me.


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Keeping the community updated