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Out and about with Andrew – week ending 19 February 2017

It was back to Parliament this week where the LNP has put into the Parliament strong reforms to tackle the growing scourge of domestic violence in Queensland.

These include:

1.     Bail is not a right – Reversing the onus of proof for bail, forcing those charged with domestic violence crimes to prove why they deserve bail.

2.     DV Alert System – Issuing a notification if an offender has applied or been granted bail or parole to give victims and their families time to mentally and physically prepare.

3.     GPS Monitoring – Monitoring high-risk offenders by GPS tracking to ensure the safety of victims and their families through the court process, which can often be lengthy.

4.     Urgent Appeal Rights – Introducing an urgent appeal right for bail decisions​ and ensure they are finalised within three business days. The alleged offender will stay in custody during the appeal – not out in the community – giving police the tools they need to better protect the community through the bail process.

Help make these laws a reality by taking the pledge to end domestic and family violence at the link on my homepage.
On returning to the electorate it was an honour to join the amazing team at Act for Mason, and some of my colleagues along with hundreds of others as we ‘Walked for Mason’ to call on the Government to ensure no other child has to go through what 21 month old Mason Jet Lee endured.

On Saturday I went to the Big Pineapple Renewal Open Day to see the plans the new owners have to renew and sustain the future of this famous icon.  There are exciting times ahead and more information is available on their website at

On Sunday I finished off the week by attending the Peachester Community Church Service of Celebration.  After 95 years, the much loved and utilised Peachester Uniting Church transitions to community ownership, managed by the Peachester Hall Committee.



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Keeping the community updated