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Preparing for the Ban on Bags and Cash for Containers Plan

18 October 2017

With a planned introduction of a Container Refund Scheme and plastic bag ban in Queensland scheduled for July 2018, Andrew Powell (Member for Glass House) is hosting a forum for local community organisations to explain the benefits of these measures and how to prepare for them.

‘As a community we must take steps towards more sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyles. Littering and waste should be a thing of the past and these measures are a great step in the right direction, promising to not only reduce these problems, but also create new business opportunities in collection and recycling.

‘Most importantly these initiatives will provide fundraising opportunities for charities and community groups in the Glass House electorate and I am spreading the word early in the hope that these groups jump on board to reap rewards’ said Mr Powell.

The forum will feature a presentation from the Boomerang Alliance, a community organisation that is a member of the State Government Advisory Committee on the Container Refund Scheme.

‘Container refund schemes enjoy significant public support in Queensland, although many don’t fully understand how they work’ said Toby Hutcheon, Queensland Manager of the Boomerang Alliance.

‘We hope this forum will explain the system and most importantly the benefits that local community organisations could receive by participating in bottle and can collections.’

The presentation will also outline the proposed ban on single use plastic bags and feature a Q & A session to answer any community questions.
Fast Facts

• In Queensland, an estimated 2.4 billion bottles are used every year. Most are wasted or littered

• Beverage containers between 150 ml and 3 litres will attract a 10 cent refund on return

• Collection points include Reverse Vending Machines at retail outlets, public places and collection depots

• Containers can still be put in kerbside recycling bins

• Community groups who collect donated cans and bottles could share in an estimated $25 million in QLD per year

• About 1 billion plastic bags are used in Queensland every year, with about 16 million littered

• Countries and places that have banned the bag report less plastic litter and a change of public habits towards reusable bags

• Thicker bags, barrier bags and bin liners will still be available for use

• The best alternative to plastic shopping bags is to use your own reusable bag
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Keeping the community updated