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Palaszczuk Government on board a train of lies

12 June 2018


“Yesterday the Palaszczuk Government has claimed that their measly $160 million commitment toward the Beerburrum to Nambour rail upgrade qualified as ‘delivering’ for the Sunshine Coast. The only thing it has delivered is disappointment” states Mr Powell MP, Member for Glass House and Shadow Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning.

Treasurer Trad has had no trouble finding over $5 billion to spend on a tunnel in her own electorate, but Sunshine Coast residents continue to be treated like second class citizens and thrown crumbs. Compared to the $390 million funding pledge from the Federal LNP Government, Palaszczuk’s $160 million is some kind of sick joke.

It’s just not good enough. This is a state project that has in the past been fully committed to, 100%, by both sides of politics – by the ALP in 2009 and by the LNP in 2015. The fact that we have a Federal Government willing to put half the money on the table should be applauded and matched – not squandered.

So what are we going to end up with … half a track to the middle of nowhere? With this amount of funding there won’t be any railway station upgrades, only broken promises. Trains, railway lines and stations don’t run on well wishes, they need cold, hard cash to build these urgently needed upgrades.

I don’t know where Palaszczuk and Trad think the extra $230 million is going to come from, but it would be extremely inappropriate for them to expect the Federal Government to pitch in any more money.

Sunshine Coast residents are anxious to know when this project will be delivered and they deserve answers. This do-nothing Labor Government needs to be held to account and not put the project at jeopardy as they’ve done with this half-baked announcement.

[ENDS] 12 June 2018


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