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Powell Media Release – No excuses for the D’Aguilar Disgrace

10 August 2018

Member for Glass House Andrew Powell is incensed at the latest news from the Main Roads Department (TMR) that the roadworks on the D’Aguilar Highway at Woodford, which have been ongoing for a year now, have had to come to a grinding halt.

TMR have announced that they will be stopping all works until further notice, because it is ‘too cold’ to lay the final spray seal.

“Whilst I accept laying spray seal at the wrong temperature can produce disastrous results, as has been witnessed elsewhere around the state, it’s only the constant delays (and not all of them weather related) that have led us to this,” said Mr Powell.

“What’s more frustrating is that there is road resurfacing going on all around the region, without any problems. If a spray seal is not appropriate at this time of year, could another form of surfacing be used so that locals don’t have to put up with a half-baked job any longer?”

“Instead a technician is going to drive along the stretch of roadworks every day with a thermometer to test whether or not the temperature is appropriate for work to recommence,” continued Mr Powell.

“I’m filthy and furious that the people of Woodford and surrounds, who have already had to endure so much frustration as a result of this project, now have to tolerate a substandard road for who knows exactly how long!” said Mr Powell.

On a positive note, TMR is planning to paint temporary line marking to delineate the existing highway better and improve safety at Ironbark Drive.

“I appreciate everyone’s patience. I will keep you updated on progress. And when it’s all done, I will be calling for a full investigation into why this particular project has been a disaster from day one!” Mr Powell concluded.
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