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Labor makes backroom deals for secret Gold Coast casino

The Palaszczuk Labor Government’s refusal to be open and transparent with the public over a secret list of casino sites on the Gold Coast has sparked anger from LNP Shadow Minister for State Development Andrew Powell.

“It’s outrageous that Labor believe they can make backroom deals while hiding all details from the public,” Mr Powell said.

“Labor’s refusal to publicly consult over their secret list of casino sites shows how little they care about the Gold Coast.

“It’s completely unacceptable and out of touch for Annastacia Palaszczuk to allow this process to continue without any public consultation.

“Gold Coasters are already paying for a reported $13 million on the collapsed ASF proposal and now they’re being hit by Labor’s plan to privatise public parks.”

Southport MP Rob Molhoek said Annastacia Palaszczuk needs to immediately release her secret list of 11 sites that are being considered for the Global Tourism Hub.

“Businesses need certainty and residents need piece of mind,” Mr Molhoek said.

“It’s a disgrace Labor believe they can raffle the Gold Coast off to the highest bidder without any community consultation.

“This type of uncertainty wasn’t forced upon Cairns and Brisbane because the public knew where the sites would be located.”

Bonney MP Sam O’Connor has raised concerns about buck passing by the Premier when questioned in Parliament about the casino.

“There’s a real concern Annastacia Palaszczuk misled Parliament last week by claiming the list was done by council. Tourism Minister Kate Jones contradicted this by saying it was prepared by her own department,” Mr O’Connor said.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk doesn’t seem to have any idea about what her own government is doing. Gold Coasters deserve to know where she stands on this project.

“Labor need to be straight with the people of the Gold Coast. Tell us where you want to build a new casino.”

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Keeping the community updated