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Icebox speed signs cause complacency and frustration

Member for Glass House Andrew Powell is concerned about roadwork signs currently causing frustration and confusion on a section of Landsborough-Maleny Road, locally known as the ‘icebox’.

“Roadworks on the edge of the icebox have been ongoing for roughly a month now, and the problem is not with the works itself, but rather with the speed reductions that have been put in place – especially when there is no work being done!”

Landsborough-Maleny Road is usually set at a steady 80km/h however the icebox speed has been lowered to 60km/h to accommodate the roadworks. The signs begin and end an unusually long distance from the actual works.

Maleny resident, Ray Williams completely agrees.

“I believe that roadworks speed signs should be covered when work isn’t occurring and there is no danger to passing motorists. Motorists are getting complacent and basically ignoring the signs – and that’s just not safe”, stated Mr Williams.

“I am a huge advocate for road safety and the safety of road workers. There is nothing wrong with a 60km/h speed limit during roadworks, but that is not the issue. The issue is that the speed remains at 60 well outside of working hours.”

“In pouring rain when work has ceased, the limit stays at 60. Early in the morning and late at night when the worksite is unattended, the speed limit is still sitting at 60,” continued Mr Williams.

In 2014, the LNP ensured that when roadworks were unattended on state projects, speed limit signs were returned to a safe driving speed to cut down congestion and remove confusion and complacency.

“Let me be clear, I hold nothing against the property owner or the company undertaking the roadworks – I am disappointed the Department of Transport and Main Roads is not requiring the signs be covered when it’s safe to do so,” continued Mr Powell.

“Not only is this unfair on drivers trying to get to and from work and back home to their families quickly, it is actually unsafe as it causes driver frustration which may lead to dangerous driving behavior by motorists and a disregard to safety precautions when road work sites are actually operating.”

“One of the greatest frustrations for drivers is having to slow to a crawl when there are no roadworks taking place.”

“There is no point in keeping the signs up or uncovered while work has stagnated. It is unfair on motorists and creates an unsafe precedent for bad behavior.”

“I implore locals to keep to the reduced speed limits, even when there are no workers in sight, to avoid fines and keep safe. But I will continue to call on TMR remove or cover up these speed limit signs outside of working hours,” Mr Powell concluded.

Ends 3 April


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